Picking Projects

How do your organize your knitting and crocheting to-do lists? How do you select the next project you are going to make?

My brilliant idea of pulling a pattern name out of a hat to select my next project might not be compatible with my personality!


After I finished my “Selina Cardigan” over the weekend I was excited to try out my new method of project selection.

The problem is when I read the project name I drew I immediately said, “Nah. I don’t feel like it.” The project was a summer top I’m designing myself using Juniper Moon Farm Zooey yarn. While I do want to finish this top so I can wear it, I reached a point where I need to rework some of my math and I’m not in the mood.

How many knitting or crocheting projects do you have on the go at one time? How do you balance working on them all?

In my defense of rejecting the summer top I have to balance my projects between stealth projects I don’t talk about here on the blog and work projects I can show off. The summer top would have been my third WIP (work in progress) that I couldn’t share with you! I don’t want to have four projects on the go. None of them would get enough attention to actually get finished.


Happily the second slip of paper I pulled from the hat was the “Breathless Shawl” designed by Kathleen Dames. I think this shawl is stunning –look at those fabulous cables!–and have been wanting to knit it since the pattern came out in the fall.

The Breathless Shawl is knit using five hanks of Juniper Moon Farm brand “Herriot” yarn. Herriot is a DK weight, 100% Baby Alpaca yarn that is available in 38 colors.


I have color 1010-Plum Heather. It looks like this color is being retired, so get it while you can.

The first step will be winding my yarn. The second step will be swatching, which will also help me get familiar with the cable pattern. Starting a new project is always exciting.

Maybe drawing project names out of a hat isn’t so bad after all.

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