Winter Technique Musings

My “Breathless Wrap” is off to a roaring start! I’ve knit all of five rows on the swatch. LOL


I’m not sure what has been cutting into my knitting time. Winter is the perfect time to hunker down and work on a complicated project like the “Breathless Wrap.” In the spring I might be outside working on my garden. In winter it is too cold out to be pursuing outside activities. In summer I might want to be outside enjoying the long days and late sunsets. In winter it gets dark so early evening activities seem to get cut short.

Winter evening seem to present fewer distractions, which frees the mind for focusing on knitting.

But as I embark on this cabled extravaganza, it made me wonder. What types of projects do other people like to knit in the winter? Are you a cable lover like me?


Or maybe you prefer knitting chunky lace like in this Shoulder Cover knit using Mirasol Yaya yarn.


Fair Isle knitting, or other colorwork, might be an option. Winter landscapes can be so bland it could be fun to inject some color into the day. The ‘Liesl’ Fairisle Cowl from Louisa Harding takes advantage of the color changes in Amitola Grande yarn to create design. This pattern has been on my To-Do list since it came out.


Or maybe winter evening make you sleepy so you keep your knitting projects simple, like this cute Waistcoat from Euro Baby. It is knit in simple, soothing stockinette stitch, which allows the fun colors of Kaleidoscope Worsted yarn to take center stage.

What type of project gets your winter knitting attention? Cables, colorwork, lace, or simple?

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