Oh, Fudge!

pillow close up

Be honest. What do you do when you’ve discovered a mistake many rows below where you are currently knitting? I suppose your answer will be something like, well it depends how small the mistake is and exactly how many rows past it I am. (Good answer, by the way.) Your response might even depend upon how complicated the pattern is or how difficult it might be to frog the rows in between. (Nobody’s going to frog mohair or anything resembling it.) And un-knitting a complicated lace pattern will likely have you pulling out your hair unless you were smart enough to use a lifeline. But let’s face it, putting in lifelines is a lot of work and sometimes we’re just a bit lazy, aren’t we?

So you can imagine my dilemma when, after binding off and feeling pretty smug that I completed this in so little time, I discovered a rather glaring error. Do you see it in the photo below? Of course you do. (Actually, there are two errors.) So why didn’t I see it earlier since it is so very obvious? As a matter of fact, I did see it, but not realizing what the finished pattern looked like, I thought it was deliberate, that it was supposed to look like that. (Really.) I should have taken a closer look at the pattern photo but naturally I did not. It wasn’t until a full pattern repeat later that I realized I’d goofed…and big time. So now what to do?

pillow mistake

I could rip it all out. I should rip it all out. I won’t be able to live with it, will I? Would you? The pattern is easy enough and there really aren’t that many rows involved but the yarn is a little sticky and I feel that frogging might damage it a bit. I want to maintain the crisp stitch definition that seems to be important to this pattern… especially with such a bulky yarn.

So I think I’ve figured out a workaround that I might be able to live with. Since this is to be a pillow, I’ll simply knit another square… which I have to do anyway. And I’ll use the piece with the glaring error to face the back, to sit against the couch. Is this cheating? You bet it is! Am I a little bit worried about somebody re-arranging it on the couch? A little. But as my mother always said, “Nobody will ever notice it from an airplane.” And besides, I’ve got lots of other knitting projects to complete.

But seriously, what would you do?

pillow long shot

pillow pattern

The pattern: Textured Pillow by Jaclene Sini, Knit Simple magazine, Winter 2017

piloow pattern cover

The yarn: Lush Merino by Ella Rae, 100% Merino wool

Needle size: US 17 (12.75 mm)

Gauge: 1.5 sts per inch

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  1. I like your decision of using it for the back of the pillow. When I notice crochet errors (I don’t knit) my question is usually, who is the piece for? If it’s not mine, there’s no question about frogging it. I can’t knowingly give someone a mistake. But if it’s for me, like you, I’d put it on the back and try to forget about it. 🙂

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  2. Laura says:

    Since the mistake is in the middle of the piece, I would sew a large decorative button to cover it. One side can have a button and the other side could, too, if you’re a fan of symmetry. No one will ever know why the button is there.


  3. P.J. Coldren says:

    I’d have gone to my button box and found enough buttons to put one over each mistake and enough other spots in the pattern to make it look right. Perhaps a color that would match the other cushionis??


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